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Engineering Strategies & Practice (ESP)


In 2002, as part of a major revision of the undergraduate curriculum, the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto piloted a new full year course entitled "Engineering Strategies and Practice" (ESP) for 100 first year engineering students.  The course was designed to teach communications and team skills, and to create enthusiasm for engineering and design in our freshman undergraduates by introducing design fundamentals and allowing them to do hands-on design for real clients.  In addition to formal design methodology, fundamentals of creative and critical thinking are also discussed in detail and, as a result, the course provides a foundation for the entire technical curriculum.  An important goal of the course is to impart the idea that a technical solution to a problem is only successful if it works for people, society and the environment in which it is situated.  ESP now has 1000 students  -- it is a mandatory course for all first year engineering students with the exception of those in the Engineering Science program.

Engineering Strategies & Practice Office

Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
35 St. George Street, Room 149
Toronto, ON M5S 1A4

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