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ESP Client Submission Form

There is a compatibility issue with submitting this form on Internet Explorer 11.  Submissions from IE 11 usually don't get through to us.  Please use a different browser to complete and submit this form (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or a different version of IE instead of IE 11).  If IE 11 is your only browser, please email your contact info and project description directly to

When filling out this form, please ensure all contact information is complete and accurate. The information will be used by the ESP Office and the student team(s) assigned to work on the project.

If you have multiple project ideas, you may list them all on the same form, or fill out a separate form for each.


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First Name
Last Name
Optional: Preferred Personal Pronouns (e.g. she, he, they, ze, etc.)
Form of Address (e.g. Ms., Mr., Dr., Prof., etc.)
Professional Title or Occupation or Identifier in relation to the project (e.g. Operations Manager, Safety Advisor, Program Administrator, Research Assistant, Graduate Student, Homeowner, etc.)
Company (If not part of a company, write "Individual.")
Street Address (Include unit number, if applicable.)
Province and Postal Code (and Country if outside Canada)
Alternate Contact Name (We suggest you have an alternate contact person, just in case you are unavailable at certain times.)
Alternate Contact Email
Alternate Contact Telephone
What is the maximum number of teams you are willing to have work on your project? (Each team requires 3 meetings with the client.)
1234More than 4
There are 3 mandatory meetings between the client and each team: early February, early March, and late March/early April. Will you be available for all 3 meetings?
Not sure yet
Is there a colleague or representative who could meet with the students on your behalf just in case you're not available?
Project Title: Please provide a title for your proposed project or write "TBD" (to be determined).
Project Description: Please provide a description of your proposed project. If you are interested in participating but unsure of a project idea, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss this with you.
If your project is completed in ESP, may we list your name and company name (if applicable) on our website?
Are you an alumnus of U of T?
Yes - in EngineeringYes - in a program other than Engineering
Are you a student? If yes, please indicate your current level of studies.
If you are a new client: How did you hear about ESP? If you are a returning client, please write, "Returning."

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