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FAQ for Project Clients

What is Engineering Strategies & Practice?

A description of ESP can be found here.

What are my obligations if I become a Project Client?

A list of obligations can be found here.

What kind of projects do the students work on?

Please refer to the Past Projects Section of the website.

What can I expect from the student design teams?

While it may not be possible for a student team to produce a completely finished product, they will be able to help you make substantial progress.  Clients have been pleased with the innovative ideas that teams produced and the head start they provided in specifying and implementing a final design.  A list of what you can expect from the teams is provided here.

How do I submit a project idea?

Please refer to our Become a Client section.

Are students prepared to deal with individuals or clients with special needs?

ESP students undergo sensitivity training and are able to deal with the special needs of your project.  Many of our previous projects involved assessibility issues and community service environments.

When does the project start?

The students are assigned to their project in early January and will be contacting their client shortly thereafter.  The duration of the project is four months, culminating in a Final Design Specification document and a presentation, with the latter taking place during the exam period in late April.

What is the average time commitment for me?

We require the students to meet with the client three times; and while not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you attend the final presentation.   Meetings are scheduled around course assignments.  Meeting 1 should take place by early February, Meeting 2 by late February, and Meeting 3 by late March.  The final presentations take place in late April.  The ESP office will arrange your presentation date/time.

Do the students have to visit me at my office?

No, you can schedule meetings to take place on campus if you would prefer.

Will I have to implement the design proposed by your student team?

You are under no obligation to implement the proposed design.  Our goal is to make sure that you, as a client, receive useful ideas and information for your design issues and that the students learn how to design a product or service.  However, we expect that you'll be pleased with the results and find them helpful as you pursue your project.

Do the students have to tour my facilities?

No.  However, a tour of the facilities may help the students comprehend and assess the requirements of your project, which could lead to a higher quality solution.

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