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Engineering Strategies & Practice (ESP)

Past Seminars

2018 Seminars

(Re)Building the Engineering / Indigenous Relationship

Autonomous cars: Roadblocks and opportunities

Can Anyone be an Engineer?

Conflict Resolution: Awareness & Skill Development

Electrical Risks

Electrification of Transportation

Engineering and Social Justice

Engineering Design & the Natural Environment

Engineering Expertise & Responsibility

Engineering, the Environment, and Quality of Life

Green Energy

Intellectual Property: Catalyst or Hindrance?

Internet of Things: Telemetrics

It May Have All Started with Lego

Mining in the World Today:  Boon or Bane?

Occupational Health and Safety: Practicing Engineers Perspectives

Our Selves in Design

Paradox of Leadership; Taking Care of the Needs of People and Organization

Preparing and Presenting a Business Plan

Road to Sustainability

Skills for Intercultural Teamwork

TE(a)CH in the Classroom 

The Need for Diversity in Engineering

The Rise and Importance of  Women in Engineering

The Role of Mindfullness and Minimalism in Engineering Design

The Untold Cost of Clean Energy - Structure, Politics, and Pricing behind Ontario's Electricity

University Education: Will Technology Make it Irrelevant?

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