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2016 Seminars

A District Energy Plant in your neighbourhood: The NIMBY Debate
Access to Electricity in Canada’s Remote Communities: Challenges and Impacts
Artificial intelligence (AI) and society
Artificial Intelligence: Positive and negative outcomes now and in the coming
Big Data:  The good, the bad and the ugly
Building cultures of safety by inspiring the leaders of tomorrow
Challenges of a High Tech Start-up in Aircraft Maintenance Management Systems
Conflict Resolution: Awareness & Skill Development
Designing the Driverless City: Preparing society for the advent of autonomous
Developing Language through Design
Discussion Topics in Space Exploration 
Electricity Demand and Ontario's Solution
Electrification of Transportation
Ending Poverty in Canada - Is it possible?
Engineer Barbie: Positive role model or negative stereotype?
Engineering for Sustainable Development
Engineering Safety: The Industry Perspective 
Engineering the Canadian Healthcare System 
Engineering, the Environment, and Quality of Life
Engineers in the Real World 
Engineers Without Borders - Lessons for Engineering practice 
Gardiner Expressway Consultations
Hackers: Vigilantes or Watchdogs
Intellectual Property: Innovation Catalyst or Hindrance 
Is the internet causing a permanent change in morals, and should people be
Leading Organizations or Companies
Medical Device Innovation: Can We Afford Not To?
Meeting Tomorrow’s Tech Demands with Canada’s Resources
Mining in the World Today: Boon or Bane?
Modelling Happiness: An Engineering Approach to Positive Psychology
Nuclear Power
Paradox of Leadership; taking care of the needs of people and organization
Power Generation – Insights to Engineering & Maintenance Challenges – Thoughts
     to Ponder & Discuss
Preparing and Presenting a Business Plan
Project Delivery Methods For Large-Capital Public Facilities
Project Management in Health Care and Social Services 
Project Teams, Feedback, & the TELS system
Renewable Energy 
Right to Clean Air
Rookie Innovator: The How-to guide
Scientific Credibility and New Communications Media
Security versus Privacy
Security Vs Privacy 
Self-driving car
Skills for Intercultural Teamwork
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
The Future of The Gardiner: Doomed or Reinvented 
The Hidden Environmental Impact of the Internet
The Internet of Things and Food Safety Compliance 
The Roles of Engineers in Fighting Climate Change
The Untold Cost of Clean Energy - Structure, Politics, and Pricing behind Ontario's
Transit Planning 
University Education: Will Technology Make it Irrelevant? 
Water Re-Use
Where are all the women in engineering?

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