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ESP needs professionals interested in volunteering their time to help educate First Year Engineering students. No instructional experience is necessary, merely a desire to work with students. In the late Fall, groups of 20 to 25 students will be matched with a Seminar Leader from academia, industry or the community. These Seminar Leaders work with the students for two hours per week for three weeks on a topic of the Seminar Leader's choosing. This topic is rooted in engineering, but also has social, ethical, environmental and/or political aspects to consider. The goal of the seminars is to help students explore a diversity of perspectives, to see the complexity and ambiguity of the challenges facing engineers, to help them recognize underlying assumptions, to develop higher level critical thinking ability and to encourage active listening. The seminars are not lectures. The Seminar Leaders are there to facilitate student discussion on the topic and ensure all points of view are heard. A well run seminar will have the students doing the bulk of the talking with the Seminar Leader using his or her insight into the profession and topic to keep the discussion productive.

Time commitment: The expected time commitment is approximately 3 to 5 hours of preparation time in October and 6 hours with the students in late November.

Number of positions: We generally need to recruit 45 Seminar Leaders.

The role of the Seminar Leader is as a mentor, teacher, and role model. Consider returning to where it all started and help us educate the next generation of engineers by assisting us in this unique endeavor as a volunteer Seminar Leader. To volunteer, email the Seminar Coordinator, Jason Bazylak.

NOTE: From 2019 until further notice, we are not running seminars. We are making changes to the course.

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