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FAQ for Seminar Leaders

What is Enginering Strategies & Practice?

A description of ESP can be found in About the Course.

What are my obligations if I become a Seminar Leader?

A list of obligations can be found here.

What is the average time commitment for me?

We anticipate you'll spend approximately 3-5 hours of preparation time to organize and prepare your topic. The seminars are three 2-hour weekly discussions which take place on campus (i.e. 6 hours of contact time).

When do the seminars take place?

Seminars are scheduled for three weeks in late November. Each Seminar Leader is responsible for one seminar section that runs for 2 hours one-day per week for three weeks. 

I have a topic in mind but I'm not sure about it.  What can you do for me?

For topic ideas you can see the Past Seminars section.  The Seminar Coordinator can also help you develop your topic.

Sample Seminars

Posted below are two articles used during a practice seminar session.  During the practice seminar, Teaching Assistants act as Seminar Leaders and guide the students through a discussion of the various social, political and environmental issues surrounding the topic.

Practice Seminar Viewpoint A

Practice Seminar Viewpoint B

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